Webelinx Debuts Facebook Media Viewer And Player

Webelinx LLC is touting a combined photo viewer and video player for Facebook.

Webelinx is touting a combined photo viewer and video player for Facebook.

The application promises to organize your photos and videos in the same player.

In the past, a subject of much contention from some Facebook users have been complaints that the native photo and video tools on the site have lacked navigational ease.

Although the site has made great improvements in its own tools, Webelinx promises better with its player; the software minimizes the number of mouse clicks needed to surf through photo and video content.

Sorting out photos by your friend’s names, selecting only photos you’re tagged on, or choosing the albums you want is no longer an arduous task, just pick and chose from drop-down menus.

If you like to keep tabs on who your photo’s top likers or top commentors are, the new app shows you.

Watching videos with Webelinx also involves fewer clicks and less waiting. You can view clips without ever having to leave your home page, including everything you’ve ever shared, along with all the content posted by your friends.

Now Webelinx can only keep its fingers crossed that the company can carve out some space in an an already crowded market.

In addition to Facebook’s own native uploaders for photos and videos, third-party applications abound, including:

Readers, has the Webelinx application piqued your cuiosity?