WedPics Turns Wedding Table Cameras Into An App

In the old days, brides and grooms would put disposable cameras on the tables at their wedding as a way for guests to capture spontaneous photos. Nowadays since everyone has their phones with them anyway, why not just use an app.

WedPics that is designed to do the same job and you don’t have to get the film processed, the photos are instantly added to your wedding’s profile. Couples can create a wedding page with a bio including things like how they met, details about their wedding, and anything else they’d like to share with guests. Guests are encouraged to download the app and take and share photos of the party. The app even has Instagram-like filters, and integration with Facebook and Twitter to make the photos pretty and easy to share.

Check it out: “WedPics is the FREE, fun, and easy way for wedding guests to share their photos in a personalized album. Enter the unique access code, take photos, apply custom filters, and…voilĂ , every photo taken at your wedding is instantly uploaded to your album! Spend more time enjoying your memories, and less time chasing them down.”