Weekly Dose Of Cute – The Unlikely Friends Edition

From cats and dolphins to humans and geese, in this week’s edition of the Weekly Dose Of Cute we bring you six adorable pairings that you just have to see to believe.

Cats and dolphins, bears and tigers, babies and giant turtles, humans and geese—these are all species that you would never expect to be friends with one another.  But we’ve found proof on YouTube that these unlikely couples can be the best of friends.  In this week’s edition of the Weekly Dose Of Cute we bring you six adorable pairings that you just have to see to believe.

Bear Cubs Play With Tiger Cub

Tigers and bears are among nature’s most frightening creatures, but it’s hard to imagine these little guys hurting a fly.  This video, which features a bunch of orphan bear cubs playing with a sweet little tiger cub at China’s Qingdao Wildlife Park, has garnered over 200,000 views since the beginning of the month.

Cat and Dolphins Playing Together

Thought that baby bears and tigers made an odd couple?  Just wait until you feast your eyes on this next video.  It features a cat and a dolphin playing together.  Adorable.

Leonard and Lula

Here’s an adorable video of the friendship between an 11-month old girl, Lola, and Leonard, an African Leopard Tortoise.  The video description says, “An important reminder that friends can come in all different shapes and sizes.”  A special thanks to Blip.tv’s Evan Gotlib for sharing this video on Twitter.

11-Day Old Nigerian Dwarf and Corgi

Here’s another unlikely pair—an 11-day old dwarf goat and a corgi.  Where can I get myself a tiny little goat?

Tiger cub playing w/ a house cat!

Apparently tiger cubs will play with anything, from bear cubs to house cats.  In this video, shot at an animal reserve, a tiger and a cat play in a pile of food.

BONUS: Goose Named Maria

We already featured this video in last week’s Weekly Dose Of Cute, but it was just too fitting to ignore. Maria, a goose in Echo Park, has taken quite a liking to Dominic, a retired salesman.  This may be one of the best unlikely pairings I’ve ever seen.

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