WEHOville.com Looking to Kickstart Weekly Print Edition

When we spoke last fall with WEHOville.com founder-publisher Henry Scott, he outlined his intention to follow the 2012 website with a companion print publication in 2013. That time has now officially arrived – with a twist.

Scott confirmed this morning that a free weekly print edition of WEHOville is planned for late summer, publishing every Thursday. He estimates that he will need three months to break even and is hoping local news consumers will help fund the expansion to the tune of $35,000 on Kickstarter:

Why print, you ask? Because many people still prefer to get their news that way. So we will reach a bigger audience with both print and online editions. In West Hollywood, with our embarrassingly small voter turnout, we need to engage as many residents as possible in the discussion of important civic issues.

And print advertising is still the way that local news organizations pay their bills (ask Warren Buffett, who is buying up local newspapers by the dozens). So a print version of WEHOville will let us generate additional revenue to expand our coverage of local government, of commercial and residential development, of local business and real estate, of tourism and nightlife and of many of the other things that matter to, and define, West Hollywood.

Scott says that plan is to distribute the print publication a little bit beyond the geographical borders of West Hollywood, to residents on the border line. All in all, this media veteran looks to be very possibly well on his way to showing West Hollywood Patch how it should have been done.

Update – 06/11/13: Scott has followed up on his site with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this unusual fundraising campaign.

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