Welcome Huffington Post Readers!

We are super-honored to be included on Huffington Post’s “50 Best Book People to Follow on Twitter List,” along with our dear sibling blog GalleyCat. As you can see, we’re all about eBooks over here, which means gadgets, eReaders, social networking, and wonderings about the wild and wooly world of how information moves.

Here are a few of our favorite topics:

iPad: we’ve got daily coverage of Apple’s “revolutionary, magical” device
The Making of an eBook about this blogger’s journey to publishing his own eBook
eReaders about Kindle, Nook, and other gizmos that pretend they’re paper
The No eBook List which is a list of great authors without eBooks
Piracy about stealing eBooks and walking planks
The Future which is a nebulous gathering of what may or may not come to pass

Plus we’ve got interviews with authors and publishing people, reviews of new apps, videos, and free eBooks. We try to keep it lively around here. Thanks for checking in, and we hope to see you lots more.