Welcoming A New Fishie To The Bowl

New York has no shortage of media reporters. But we thought, hey, why not add just one more?

Meet Drew Grant, the newest contributing editor to grace these virtual pages. We have brought her on to help us cover the biggest names in New York media, breaking industry news and the most happening events.

As a former editor of the now defunct Jossip.com, Drew, like many of us, has her own story of unemployment to tell. But with a little pluck and determination — and a saucy writing style — Drew has managed to make a name for herself in the blogging community.

After Jossip folded, Drew worked as an editor for ASSME’s irreverent blog and she’ll still be contributing pop culture and entertainment insight to their newly revamped Web site. A few weeks ago, she crashed Fashion Week, so you know she can talk her way into a good party, but she swears she won’t be doing any more fashion coverage any time soon.

Drew also writes about sex and relationships on TheFrisky.com and Street Carnage.

You can welcome Drew to the FBNY family by sending her any hot tips and <a href="adding her to your media mailing lists. And if you see her at the next media conference, don’t forget to say hi.

(Photo by Keith Lew)