‘We’ll All Know’ If The Daily Beast Isn’t Going To Work

Barry Diller, owner of The Daily Beast, told the Financial Times that there’s “no judgment-day date” when he’ll throw in the towel and decide that the site can’t pay its way. “We’ll all know it when we know it,”

He says that “at some point, advertising is going to evolve from banners and 200 x 300 boxes that aren’t particularly compelling,” and he hopes that’s going to happen “before we run out of money.” (h/t Romenesko)

Meanwhile, TDB’s still hiring. They’ve got a number of entry-level jobs open, according to Willy Franzen at One Day, One Job, including Editorial Assistant, Social Media Associate, and Assistant Video News Editor. But of course, your desire for one of these jobs should be tempered with the realization that nobody knows if the company will be around in two, five, or ten years.