Well, That Was Fast: Wonkette Posts A Couple Openings

We told you earlier today that there could be some openings at Wonkette now that Jim Newell is leaving for Gawker.

That turned out to be true, but not in the way we’d expected.

In a blog post called “Want To Write For Wonkette? Okay Then READ CAREFULLY” current editor Ken Layne explains that Newell’s position is being eliminated after he leaves. But the site is adding a couple freelancers:

We will be adding a WASHINGTON DC daytime political-comedy blogger, someone who currently lives in Washington DC, the nation’s capital, home of The Capitol — and if you believe you are that person, send a note to Wonkette. Go ahead and direct us to a few samples if you already know how to do what it is that we do when we do it, here at Wonkette. And, as Josh already fills the required Wonkette Ginger Spot, try being something else, like a “Person of Color,” or “Female,” or “Not German.” This is NOT a full-time thing. You are never going to get rich or even “make a modest living” from blogging, sorry. What do you think this is, 2007?

The other openings are for folks who work at The Awl? So, uh, blog funny if you dare…but don’t expect to make much money, apparently.