Wendy Williams Gives Some Really Unfortunate Relationship Advice

Wendy Williams

How you doin’? Not so well after this interview.

Wendy Williams usually stays away from PR firestorms, but in this case the heat was a little too alluring for her–so she dove right in the deep end. On a recent episode of her talk show, Williams talked to a woman unhappy with just one child because her husband of six years promised they would have two.

To wit, Wendy says, “Men have never been in control of our bodies” and proceeds to tell her that it would be okay to trick him into getting her pregnant. As if that wasn’t classy enough, she conducts a quick audience poll because that’s scientific and unbiased with a big, glaring *APPLAUSE* looming overhead.

Is this really a thing now? Have relationships come to the point where trust is a clean exchange with survival of the fittest?

Why were the dozens of fawning sheep in the audience (guys with spiffy bowties seated to the left included) clapping unanimously at  this half-baked idea of women’s liberation? Oh well, I don’t have a talk show on daytime TV. What do I know?

Oh wait, I forgot: I’m the product of a 42-year-old marriage still going strong. That’s right, Wendy. Your idea sucked, and so does your audience for not having the common sense to think for themselves. It just creates some bad PR–and I do know a bit about that.