Wendy Williams Finds Time for 2014 Romance Novel

By the time Wendy Williams’ 50th birthday rolls around next summer, the affable daytime talk show host and wig empire overseer will have another claim to fame: published romance novelist.

Williams spoke to New York Daily News TV editor Don Kaplan about the rising ratings of her gabfest, which can be watched at three different times daily in the NYC area. She also teased her seventh book, due out early next year. It’s a “juicy”, interracial tale:

“It’s gritty,” she says. “Kim Kind is my heroine, and she falls for a guy named King. He’s white and he’s bad to the bone, and she’s black and she’s an assistant D.A. here in Manhattan, and she’s got quite a few problems.”

The first and second things that come to FishbowlNY’s mind when the words “romance novel” are uttered are: 1) Fabio; and, 2) Epic cover illustrations. Sure enough, Kaplan’s got some great details about that latter aspect.

On the morning Williams spoke with the reporter, she was concerned that a proposed cover image saddled her heroine with a pair of Seinfeld-worthy “man hands.” And even worse –  bad hair! Read the rest of Kaplan’s very entertaining article here.

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