What Do Design and Innovation Leaders Talk About on Twitter? (Report)

The most common hashtags among design thinkers and innovation leaders are #innovation, #IoT, #machinelearning and #AI.

From social media and mobile platforms to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the evolution of technology is driven by design leaders who work to discover innovative solutions to the challenges of the modern world. Much like tech startups must innovate to succeed, mature companies like IBM, Nike and Starbucks must innovate in order to survive in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.


For many companies, this means hiring design thinkers to lead the innovation charge while still meeting the needs of their customers. To wit, Leadtail teamed up with product design lab Altitude, to gain insight into the mindset of design thinkers, what they have in common and how they engage on social.


Leadtail identified 118 design thinkers and analysed more than 28,000 tweets and discovered that the most common hashtags include industry trends such as #machinelearning, #bigdata, #IoT, #AI and #wearables. These thought leaders also favor YouTube and Instagram as sources of content that demonstrates breakthrough ideas.


Forbes topped the list of publications shared most from design and innovation leaders, followed by The New York Times, Medium, TechCrunch and the Harvard Business Review.

The report concludes with a list of design and innovation leaders in industries including financial services, health and technology. Download the full report for more details and to find out how to you can get connected with the leaders in design and innovation thinking.