What Drives Engagement on Social Media?

Social media users are sharing more content than ever. Here are some best practices for driving engagement.

Social media marketing is largely a tactic for raising awareness.

According to a report from Shareablee, while engagement in the form of likes, comments and similar actions has increased throughout the year, the growth in amplification has outpaced all other actions on the social web.

During the period between Q1 and Q3 2015, there was a 50 percent increase in total actions in the U.S., with Instagram seeing the biggest increase overall.

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The retail industry had the biggest growth in 2015, followed by automotive and publishers. In fact, publishers seem to rule to social web, accounting for 29 percent of total actions and a 122 percent increase in shares and retweets since January 2014.

Indeed, social media users are sharing more than ever. So what is driving the increased engagement? Shareablee breaks it down to four main factors, with case study examples.

Usefulness: Content marketers are big on delivering value rather than just promotional messages, and according to Shareablee, usefulness was one of the biggest drivers of engagement. Out of 435 Facebook posts from Hubspot, 96 percent of posts with links to tips and tricks were shared.

Storytelling: The Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel campaign is an example of audiences are moved by a compelling story. Not only did the brand have its main overarching message, it leveraged the power of user-generated content to share personal stories as well.

Emotions: While Lane Bryant went with a modern approach, Country Living engaged audiences with reminiscent content that invoked nostalgia. A single Facebook post about Mr Rogers was shared more than 75,000 times and accounted for more than half of the magazine’s total engagement for 2015.

Social Proof: State Farm teamed up with the NBA and set up a social media hub for the sole purpose of helping All-Star Weekend attendees. While the NBA content only accounted for five percent of Facebook posts and 17 percent of Tweets from State Farm, the same content accounted for 20 percent of actions on Facebook and 64 percent of actions on Twitter.

Check out the Shareablee report for more case studies and tips for how to drive engagement on social media.

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