What Ever Happened to Smartbooks? Adobe Flash Optimization Delay is Blamed (Jobs is right!)

Whatever happened to the so-called “smartbooks” that are lighter than netbooks (less than 2 pounds) and are instant-on devices running Android or some other lightweight platform? In my mind they fill a niche between netbooks and slate devices. According to this item in ZDNet UK, it is due to “Flash” issues. What?

Smartbooks have been delayed by Flash issues, says ARM

After reading the title, I jumped to the conclusion that there was some kind of shortage of “flash memory”. My guess was that Apple had squeezed the supply chain to build iPads and the next generation of iPhones. But, that is not the case. The article reports that ARM’s marketing head (ARM processors are in many mobile devices) said that the problem was a delay in optimizing Adobe “Flash”.

If true, this lends credibility, ironically, to Steve Jobs’ assertion that Flash is too slow and heavy to be allowed on the iPad and iPhone.

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