What if Facebook Had Tighter Integration with the iPhone 4? It Almost Happened (maybe)

You probably see rumors and speculations about possible new features for one product or another (often something from Apple). However, 9to5mac provides a look back at an previously unrevealed past event that gives us a glimpse of what might have been.

Apple pulled Facebook integration from iOS 4, Media Stream is its replacement

It is based on a possible sighting of a white 64GB iPhone running a prototype iOS 4 that they wrote about a few days earlier. The apparent prototype runs a version of iOS 4 with features that were not released in production devices. Some of the features listed below were discovered earlier.

– Facebook video upload
– Upload and share photos directly from iPhone photo app to Facebook
– Facebook contact linking (2010)

While these features remain in the realm of “what if” for the iPhone, they are part of daily operations now for other platforms like Android and Windows Phone.

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