What Social Media Marketers Can Learn From Reddit AMAs (Infographic)

Ask Me Anything events on Reddit demonstrate the power of telling a unique, compelling, personal and authentic story on social media.

Reddit is perhaps best known for its wildly popular AMA (Ask Me Anything) threads. These threads are often used by regular people to start discussions, or by celebrities to discuss upcoming projects. An infographic from on-demand education platform, Udemy, provides insight into the behavior on AMA threads and what it can teach us about effective social marketing.

Udemy examined the top 50 AMAs between May and June using sentiment analytics tools, and was able to distill the factors that separate a successful AMA from one that was unsuccessful. Several factors made for a good AMA, regardless of the person hosting it.

AMAs are often centered around offering unique and personal information, like the life story of a vacuum cleaner repairman. Additionally, commenters and hosts in a successful AMA will approach the conversation with extreme honesty and sincerity. This is a particularly effective way to appeal to emotions in your social marketing campaigns. 

Popular AMAs also tend to explore topics that are rarely covered, provide the outright truth through data and factual analysis, and utilize authoritative sources. But perhaps what is most important about AMAs is the audience engagement.

Responding to blog comments, answering important emails within a reasonable timeframe, and asking readers what they want to read are all effective ways to engage.

Check out the infographic below for more insights and examples of celebrities who have nurtured audiences through AMAs.