What the #%*>? How to Handle Cursing at the Office

swear jarAh, we’ve seen this situation one too many times.

You work in a small office and there’s certainly no one from human resources to be found.

An F-bomb here, another swear there. If you’re constantly hearing profanity at the office and yearning to rinse your colleagues’ mouths out with soap, listen up. Your options are slim but you do have a few of them.According to a piece in today’s New York Post, yes, the workplace must be respected and yes, you have every right to feel offended by the environment created by offensive language.

Do you have any legal recourse? Probably not but the piece suggests getting creative. This means you could place a big jar in the office and “make everyone put in a dollar for every profanity they utter, then donate the proceeds to your favorite charity.”

If that doesn’t work, Greg Giangrande, columnist and HR executive in the media industry writes, “If an appeal for a more civil tongue falls on deaf ears, your only other recourse may be to get the #%^! out of there and find a new job.”

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