What The Jelly? Twitter’s Music Chief Departs For Co-founder’s Mystery Startup

Tech companies love to poach employees from each other. Twitter steals employees from Google with such frequency, one would think they had someone on the inside sourcing candidates!

So we guess Twitter doesn’t view it as too much of a big deal to lose it’s “music VP” to one of the Twitter co-founders, Biz Stone’s, new startup, Jelly. But this is the third person’s he’s brought on from the Twitters – will there be more?

All Things D shares that this is “the third in a series of relatively recent Twitter employee departures for Stone’s new, yet-to-be-fully-explained startup. Earlier in the year, VĂ­tor Lourenço left Twitter, and is now acting as a consultant to the Jelly team; earlier this week, Stone himself introduced former Twitter employee Ben Finkel as Jelly’s new CTO.”

Someone at Twitter is probably a least a little annoyed by this – particularly considering Kevin Thau “led Twitter’s Music app project from acquisition to completion” and Twitter Music just launched. We’d think his departure would leave a hole. But who knows?

The real question we’re left with in all of this though is obviously: What the Jelly is Jelly? And whatever it is, we hope to have many more chances to ask “What the Jelly.”

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