Awkward Moment: What to do When the Boss Wants to be Facebook Friends

WaPo has an intriguing contest going on. Much like “America’s Next Top Model” or “American Idol,” they’re hosting a competition to find the next great workplace advice columnist.

It’s not a permanent gig or anything. But the winner “could” (their word) land a four-week column in WaPo Magazine and on

Some of the topics include the aforementioned boss/Facebook scenario, annoying coworkers and whether skipping the office holiday party is a good idea. (Probably a better idea than going and getting blasted and trying to pick up your coworker’s girlfriend.)

Finalists will compete in four rounds of face-offs. Readers and judges will choose the winner.

More info, visit here.  Don’t be alarmed that you can’t proceed just yet with your kernels of wisdom. Despite running the contest in Sunday’s paper, WaPo is not quite ready for you. Check back tomorrow.