What to Expect at CES 2019 Following the Preview

The preview event for CES 2019 gave some insight on what's to be expected. Daniel Hodges

CES 2019 is an event that highlights the pace of change in the world of technology and its impact on consumers behavior and the world of advertising and marketing. It is held from January 8–11 and is one of the largest events in the world. One of the largest groups to attend CES 2018 is the advertising and entertainment communities, made up of 33,346 people that attended in 2018. According to a 2018 survey of attendees,182,198 people attended CES in 2018 of which 63,784 were international visitors.

P&G makes a big bet on CES 2019

The largest consumers packaged goods company is attending CES and conducting a program to submit ideas to drive P&G’s business objectives. P&G Ventures is inviting entrepreneurs, inventors, visionaries and startups to submit their product for consideration to win an all-expense paid trip to pitch live on the P&G stage at CES 2019. The winner of the pitch will receive $10,000, qualify as a finalist in a Techstars Accelerator and be provided complimentary attendance to the EY Strategic Growth Forum.

The categories of interest to P&G are alleviating symptoms of menopause, treating chronic skin conditions and symptoms, improving sleep through environment, caregiving for the aging, maintaining a non-toxic home, maximizing mental and physical performance, managing pain without side effects and enhancing male wellness. 

CES 2019 features the most innovative companies 

A decade ago automotive companies first started to attend CES. Today there are 150 auto exhibitors will be spread across a space larger than four football fields, and this year more categories are attending. Eureka Park will host a record 1,200 exhibitors from 40 different countries. CES will feature 4,500 exhibitors from 155 countries, regions and territories.

What to see at CES 2019

It is impossible to attend hundreds of content sessions and meet with 5,700 exhibitors. Here are the main themes to focus on during your visit to CES.

Some of the themes identified by CES are curated social buying, interactive POS systems and digital concierge services. They see a shift from a connected age to a data age. New chips being produced by Intel and others that will power embedded AI, machine learning, digital assistants and voice technologies. The new chips connect AI to household appliances, powering meaning and coordinated interactions. The chip sets also have the potential to transform marketing and advertising. The rol; out and capabilities for 5G will provide enough bandwidth to increase the quality and volume of video consumption, enable self-driving cars and present the car as a media platform. The rise of smart cities and location-based advertising will be fueled by AI as well as medical therapeutics and new health application. Digital therapeutics that enhance traditional medical practices and encourage behavioral change and stand-alone direct therapy are some of the services available with the roll-out of 5G. This year doctors will be receiving CME (continuing medical education) credits for participating in the digital therapeutics at CES.

The pace of change is accelerating in the advertising and marketing marketplace on many levels. CES offers the premiere venue to understand the pace of change for advertising and marketing industries each year.

Dan Hodges is CEO and founder of CIM Tours.