What to Expect at Mobile World Congress 2019

And why you should attend

This year's Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona between February 25–28. - Credit by Getty Images
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Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona (running between Feb. 25–28) brings together the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology from more than 2,500 leading companies into a highly-rated conference program. It assembles today’s visionaries to explore the hottest topics influencing the industry.

Here is what can be expected at this year’s conference.

Why attend Mobile World Congress 2019?

The core advantage of MWC and why I have attended since 2007 is because MWC is a global marketplace. You see, experience and meet people, new technology and get a sense of the global pace of change versus just the U.S. or westernized view of change. It is a must-see and, most importantly, a must-experience event for business leaders who want to lead their organizations through a rapidly changing world economy.

“The Global Mobile Awards provide a world stage on which to celebrate the most inspirational and innovative developments across our industry, recognizing the companies and individuals leading the way in everything from 5G to emerging markets to intelligent connectivity,” said John Hoffman, CEO, GSMA Ltd., in a statement. “The awards attract a significant level of high-quality entries, so being nominated today is a great achievement.”

The GSMA Innovation City will return to MWC 2019, inviting visitors to experience how mobile connectivity is positively impacting society and helping to create a better future for businesses and citizens alike. There will be over 100 interactive demonstrations from over 40 companies, enabling visitors to get a hands-on experience of how these technologies are impacting almost every aspect of our lives.

What to expect

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile, telecom and IoT industries and is attended by over 101,000-plus people from 204 countries. It is a place where over 100 countries gather to discuss the future of innovation and the world economy. In a sense, it is of greater consequence than the WEF in Davos, as the blueprint of innovation and the future economy is implemented at MWC Barcelona.

The importance of intelligent connectivity for advertisers and brands

Intelligent connectivity is the next generation of ad messages, customer interactions, advertising intelligence and smart businesses, homes, factories, transportation, people, places and things. Intelligent connectivity began with the launch of Sputnik and has rapidly evolved with the rise of smartphones over the last decade. We are now in a phase of hyper-growth and super adoption.

The internet of things is a communications opportunity for brands

This year the internet of things, the changing consumption of content and media by consumers, new and disruptive technology platforms and the impact of green energy powering the digital economy will be among the key themes. MWC is the best venue for mobile, brand, media, IoT and telecom industry networking, new business development opportunities and deal making. Understanding the communications opportunities for advertisers and brands is key to knowing how to create the next generation of brand communications.

Dan Hodges is CEO and founder of CIM Tours.