What Was The Most-Devoured Food During The Super Bowl, According To Twitter?

The Super Bowl’s halftime show might’ve stolen the spotlight (after all, the most searched-for term was Madonna), but for those millions of fans watching at home, food played just as important a role in their total Super Bowl experience.

So what is the most popular food to eat during the Super Bowl? According to Twitter, it’s pizza by a mile.

While the game was on, people were not only tweeting their support for their team, but also their favorite foods. They tweeted and updated their statuses a grand total of 385,693 times about the foods accompanying the game on their big screen TVs.

And as much as nachos are touted as being one of the foods that just screams football game, it’s pizza that takes the cake.

Fizziology, a real-time sentiment analysis firm, took a look at which foods stole the spotlight while the men in tights were fighting for inches. They examined tweets, status updates and blogs to see which foods and drinks were the favorites.

Pizza is the clear winner in the battle for our stomachs on game day. With 123,608 people reporting they ate pizza while the game was on, there was a lot of mozzarella going around.

Next up comes beer at 87,240 bottles, cans and kegs: apparently, America can’t think of a better combination than pizza and beer while watching the Super Bowl.

Following close behind beer as the drink of choice is another halftime favorite, wings. According to social media, 80,482 tiny chicken wings were devoured on Sunday.

Take a look at the below chart from Fizziology for the full picture of what foods won the epic clash of ooey-gooey, crunchy and fizzy titans this weekend:

(Infographic: Fizziology Top image: Tarasyuk Igor via Shutterstock)

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