What You Should Think, Straight From TWT

Today, we took a spin through Washington Time’s opinion section, mostly so you don’t have to. Here’s a few highlights:

TSA Almost As Bad as Day-Laborers

We thought we had a winner when we started reading a column by airline pilot David Bittle headlined TSA = Thousands Standing Around. As anyone who has ever been to an airport knows, that’s actually not a bad description of the TSA. But he can’t make the point without a subtle racist swipe: “…screening areas often look a lot like where shift-change meets day-labor pick-up encampment…” Do day-laborers encamp? Has anyone asked day-laborers how they feel being compared to Bittle’s shiftless TSA? So many questions.

We have others…

‘Women Everywhere’ Are in Awe 

A lot’s been said about Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minn.) legacy since she announced her resignation last week, and almost as much said about how the media is parsing that legacy. In a column by Concerned Women for America Prez Penny Young Nance, we learned of a new reaction: women everywhere are apparently stopping to say, “’Thank you for paving the way for political greatness.’” And that sentence was really in quotes and really attributed to “women everywhere.” As a side note, things didn’t really go too badly for Bachmann, according to Nance, until you, the national press, realized just how much voters loved her. Then you were foul with your facts and reporting based on things that she actually said, as opposed to writing op-eds where you can make up stuff people are saying.

Freedom At Risk

And finally, the Times brought us an editorial today about a local court case in Milwaukee. It seems the city has an odd, decade’s long limit on cab licenses that pretty much made one guy real rich and left some 600,000 residents with only about 300 taxis between them. A judge struck down the ban on behalf of three immigrants who couldn’t get licenses and kudos to the Times for paying attention to something important to people outside the Beltway. But as well-reasoned as their stance on this case is, they just can’t resist the hyperbole: “The ruling is a small one, but it’s a significant blow against the crony capitalism that threatens the economic freedom of the rest of us.” If you figure out how a county-level case about hack licenses in Milwaukee threatens your economic freedom, let us know.

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