Whatever Happened to Android Tablets, Chrome OS, MeeGo, & Ubuntu Netbook Remix?

It is easy to forget there are other netbook and tablet platforms with all the buzz surrounding Apple’s iPad. So, let’s take a quick survey on what is going on with some of the other mobile platforms for larger mobile devices.

MeeGo is the result of Intel’s Moblin merging with Nokia Maemo. Engadget reports on a pair of video Intel video demos. However, it is curious that we really don’t see or get told much about MeeGo itself in these videos.

Intel gives MeeGo 1.0 its first public performance (video)

MeeGo is downloadable now if you are interested in testing it on your own netbook.

All the excitement about Google’s Chrome OS seems to have disappeared in the months since its announcement. There is a bit of news about it this week in the Chromium blog.

A New Approach to Printing

Google’s Android OS is doing very well in the smartphone market. But, we don’t hear much about it in the netbook/tablet space these days. Engadget reviewed one of the few Android tablets in production and didn’t seem to have a warm and fuzzy feeling about it.

Hands-on with the WebStation Android Tablet

I thought Ubuntu Netbook Remix was great until its upgrade last year seemed to have removed the ability for my netbook to boot while on battery power. I thought this might be a problem unique to me until I posted a blog item about it and learned other people had similar experiences after their upgrade.

Unlikely, But Did Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 Kill My Acer Aspire One Battery?

I haven’t heard much about UNR since that 9.10 upgrade in December.

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