What’s All This WHCD Business About?

For those of you who may not be elite insiders (we know you all are, just hypothetically speaking), here’s another take on the weekend that has arrived — WHCD weekend, otherwise known as Prom, Nerd Prom and other ridiculous phrases we all use to describe it.

To help make some sense of it all, Mix 107.3 FM’s Tommy McFly brings us a briefing on the weekend as well as an interview with TWT’s White House Correspondent Joe Curl.

“It is the biggest weekend in town,” said Curl. …In Washington we say holy crap that’s Rahm Emanuel, everywhere else they say, who’s that guy? …It is a time to put Washington politics aside. The President comes down and does a standup comic routine…and everyone seems to bury the hatchet for just this one moment.”

McFly and Curl cracked on Emanuel’s Canadian jumpsuit from last weekend (i.e. he was drenched in denim).

TWT’s Joe Curl

Listen to the entire interview here.

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