What’s Become Of The Ex-Sun Staffers?

After the Baltimore Sun cut a third of its staff last year, what happened to those who left?

Now we know.

The Writers Guild of America, East Foundation sponsored a project called Telling Our Stories

The laid-off employees—writers, editors, advertising salespeople, photographers, and more— were given “intentionally vague” instructions: “to tell a story arising out of their personal experiences during their time at The Baltimore Sun.”

“It will let the readers of Baltimore know what they’ve lost,” Steve Auerweck, a 24-year Sun employee who contributed a piece to the new site said in a statement.

Ex-Copy chief John McIntyre contributed a tongue-in-cheek piece about staying thin after a layoff by worrying…but it struck a little close to feel entirely tongue in cheek..and Tyeesha Dixon writes about what it felt like to be laid off from her “dream job” only two years after she started. (She’s now a law student.)

Nothing in these pages is anything you haven’t heard before, if you’ve been following the massive journalism layoffs. But just because these voices are saying the same things, that’s not a reason not to listen.

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