What’s It Like To Learn Journalism From Jeff Jarvis?

In this piece for The Atlantic Wire, journalism student school alumnus Alex Abad-Santos calls Jeff Jarvis a “lanky guy who barely fills out his suit,” “Dumbledore or Gandalf,” “a soothsayer,” and “a guy who must have the last word.”

Others quoted in the piece say he’s a shameless self-promoter, a fast-talker, frenetic, smart, and Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

One thing’s for sure: being in his class sounds nuts.

He teaches entrepreneurial journalism for the CUNY graduate school of journalism, and students either love it or hate it.

“There’s a syllabus, it’s loose but there is one,” Collin Orcutt, a 2009 graduate, told Abad-Santos. “You practice your “elevator pitch” every day and we talked about business models every day…And how to make yourself and your business sustainable.”

When Jarvis originally proposed his course, all but one of the members of the school’s curriculum committee (composed of students and faculty) voted for it. The lone dissenter told Abad-Santos: “I found his proposal for the entrepreneurial program at CUNY to be half-finished and didn’t seem to show what the students would be doing, exactly, except listening to him…like a TED talk except you pay for it.”

He’s got a good track record, though: right about Twitter, right about entrepreneurial journalism (so far), and he’s got tons of former students who think he’s more than just a shameless self-promoter. Sign us up.