What’s Next for True/Slant?

In a conference call to contributors yesterday, True/Slant founder and chief product officer Lewis Dvorkin gave more details about what the future holds for the site and its 300-plus contributors, now that it has been purchased by Forbes. Though Dvorkin said True/Slant business would continue as usual in the month of June, this Fishie and True/Slant blogger sat in on the conversation, and came away with the obvious conclusion that huge changes are on the way.

“Forbes has a mission, Forbes has a voice and that’s not going to change,” Dvorkin said, in perhaps the most revealing quote of the phone conference.

Reading between the lines, one can assume it’s True/Slant’s business and content delivery model — niche-targeted content and incentive-based pay, compensating writers who draw more eyeballs — that interested Forbes, not necessarily the content itself. Which is too bad. True/Slant gave its contributors a fairly high profile online home for all kinds of alternative points of view. Though Dvorkin insisted Forbes was adamant about widely expanding its blogging network, one has to wonder whether an increased number of writers will translate into an actual diversity of content.

Time will tell.

In the meanwhile, Dvorkin said he would take the month of June to figure out how exactly the blending of True/Slant and Forbes will happen. He encouraged writers to pitch new niche-targeted blogs to the True/Slant team for consideration at Forbes.

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