What’s on Your Grill? YouTube Has the Answers, State by State

YouTube revealed the most popular foods in grilling videos for each U.S. state

July is National Grilling Month, and to celebrate, YouTube released new data revealing how U.S. users engage with grilling-related content on its platform.

To start, YouTube identified the “most disproportionally popular food in grilling videos” for each U.S. state, when compared with the national average. The analysis showed that areas on the East Coast favor meats such as chicken and fish, while most of the country’s central region prefers ribs.

YouTube also found that July has been the most popular month for grilling-related content in the U.S. on its platform for the past three years.

Breaking down grilling-related content on its platform, YouTube ranked the 10 most-viewed foods for grilling videos in the U.S.:

  1. Steak
  2. Pork
  3. Chicken
  4. Ribs
  5. Hamburgers
  6. Hot Dogs
  7. Shrimp
  8. Fish
  9. Barbecue Chicken
  10. Sausages

YouTube also ranked the top five channels for grilling-related videos, in terms of total subscribers:

  1. BBQ Pit Boys – 866,000
  2. Locos X el Asado – 640,000
  3. BBQ EM CASA – 432,000
  4. Cozinha de Jack – 254,000
  5. TheWolfePit – 223,000

Finally, YouTube ranked the top 10 tutorial videos related to grilling, in terms of total views:

  1. Gordon Ramsay’s perfect burger tutorial – 4.3 million
  2. Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs – Baby Back Bbq Ribs – Oven or Grill – 2.8 million
  3. BBQ Pork Belly on the Grill – 1.7 million
  4. How to make BBQ Chicken – Easy Basic BBQ Grilled Chicken – 1.2 million
  5. The Art of Grilling: How to Grill a Steak – 1.1 million
  6. The Art of Grilling: How to Grill a Burger – 895,000
  7. Grilling Lobster Tails – 871,000
  8. Grilled Pocket Burgers by the BBQ Pit Boys – 833,000
  9. How to Grill a Rib-Eye – 763,000
  10. 2 Ways to Grill Veggies – 690,000

Featured image courtesy of AlexRath/istock.