What’s Roland Tweeting?

CNN Contributor Roland Martincontinues to serve his suspension for incendiary comments he made on Twitter. He’s still making the rounds and apologizing to anyone who will listen, but he continues to generate SEVERAL tweets over the course of the day. We have been fascinated to follow him to see what a person who has been suspended for his tweets will talk about. Today, Martin writes about the groundbreaking ceremony for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. He even included this picture to prove it.

It’s such a big event that POTUS showed up for the groundbreaking. What a powerful moment. America’s first African-American President on hand to break ground on the museum dedicated to African American History. Martin tore through several tweets chronicling the event and then moved on to an area of  equal importance.

Thanks for the tip, Roland! Stay tuned for another edition of everyone’s favorite tweeting “straight fool”, Roland Martin, when we meet again for “What’s Roland Tweeting”.

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