What’s Roland Tweeting?

CNN’s Roland Martin, who is quickly becoming one of our favorite people to follow here in the Fishbowl, continues to bombard Twitter daily. This, despite the fact that CNN still has him on an indefinite ice for the content of his Twitter feed. We’ll give him credit. He doesn’t shy away from mixing it up and he’s certainly not staying quiet while on suspension. He continues to engage his tweeps on controversial topics and gives plenty of commentary. One thing we are learning about Martin is that he wants you to know what his fan club thinks of him. Just look at this comment that he retweeted.

Or this one.

We can’t even begin to express how thankful we are that Martin brings these congratulatory comments to the masses. Have no fear. He continues to bring us the hard hitting news and commentary for which we’ve grown to love him. Like giving commentary on last night’s Knick-Heat basketball game.

Wait. We’re family now? Considering I have an uncle with a dented metal plate in his head that shoots squirrels for breakfast, I think you’ll be a perfect fit, Uncle Roland.



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