What’s Roland Tweeting?

In the wake of Roland Martin’s suspension from CNN over his comments on Twitter, all eyes have been focused on his feed to see if anything juicy comes out. So, until Roland comes back on the air at CNN, we are starting a new segment here in the Fishbowl: What’s Roland Tweeting? We’ll be watching to see what Martin could possibly tweet about when everyone is watching.

Yesterday, we sat down to sift through his feed and, if nothing else, he’s certainly prolific. Martin begins the day by asking his followers if they would ever get a tattoo. And then spends the better part of an hour replying and retweeting to them about their experiences with getting inked. After he tires of that, he moves into politics just as POTUS unveils the 2013 budget. As the President began speaking, Martin starts retweeting @WHLive, the official White House Twitter account. In fact, he retweets them 25 times in a row. All quotes by POTUS as he discusses the budget. But…  25 times?

Martin then gets a question regarding his employment with CNN. When asked if he’s still employed, he simply responds “Yep.” See the exchange below.