What’s Your Favorite App, Jeanniey Mullen?

AppNewser asked, What’s Favorite App, Jeanniey Mullen?
The CMO/EVP of digital newsstand Zinio, who says she “likes apps with attitude,” picked the to-do list app Astrid, “because she is a to-do list with an attitude.” Mullen uses the app to organize different types of tasks and lists such as home, work, and friends. “These tasks are added into my calendar and they dynamically update themselves as new things happen,” says Mullen.
Mullen says that Astrid keeps her on her toes and has her own personality. “When things are due she reminds me by saying, ‘It’s nice that people call you, but you if you don’t call XX back today you might not have them as a friend anymore’ or ‘Ready to knock this one off the list? Even I’m getting tired of seeing it,'” says Mullen.
Mullen uses the app primarily on her Galaxy III, though she also uses it as a Chrome app, as well as on her Mac.
Mullen knows a thing or two about apps. Zinio’s got iOS apps, an Android app, as well as desktop apps. And last week, the company released an app for Windows 8, exclusively on the Nokia Lumia phone.

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