WhatsApp: Here’s How to Send a Photo or Video in a Chat

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Did you know that you can quickly send photos and videos to your contacts in WhatsApp chats? Our guide will show you how this works.

Note: These screenshots were captured in the WhatsApp application on iOS. Also note, this process is slightly different on iOS and Android.

Step 1: Tap the chat you wish to send the photo or video within.

Step 2: On iOS, tap the “+” in the bottom left corner of the screen. On Android, tap the paper clip icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: On iOS, tap “Camera” to take a new photo or video, or tap “Photo & Video Library” to import a photo or video from your device’s camera roll. On Android, tap “Camera” to take a new photo or video,  or tap “Gallery” to import a photo or video from your device’s gallery.

Step 4: Once you’ve taken or imported a photo or video, tap the paper airplane icon near the bottom of the screen to share it in the chat. Note: You have the option to edit your photo or video before sharing it. You can also add a caption that will be shared alongside the photo or video.

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