WHCA Limits CQ Roll Call Dinner Tickets; Patricia Arquette Will Be Their Guest

Somewhere, someplace is an archery range with FNC Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry’s face as the bull’s-eye.

CQ Roll Call White House Correspondent Steven Dennis let his White House Correspondents’ Association membership lapse. He renewed it, but decisions had been made. The publication isn’t getting all the seats it wants this year. It’s a better deal than some pubs, which got shut out entirely. Still, this year there will be one table for CQ Roll Call. No extra tickets possible. Pretty strange considering CQ Roll Call has purchased tables at the WHCD for the past 20 years. A recent exchange between the publication and Henry, this year’s president of the WHCA and once the HOH writer for Roll Call, made it clear that the answer was no and that the seats had sold out.

We asked CQ Roll Call to comment on the matter. 

“CQ Roll Call has paid for a table and we will be at the dinner,” said Spokeswoman Sujata Mitra. “We did request a few more seats if possible, but nothing out of the ordinary. We are also looking forward to our annual cocktail reception at the Hilton prior to the dinner.”

She added, “We paid for a table, and our executives and guests will be at the dinner, at the table. It’s a mix, CQ Roll Call’ers include Beth Bronder, Peter Anthony, and also here is the celeb scoop (just confirmed this week!) Patricia Arquette will be our guest.”

Dennis, the White House Correspondent, will also be at the table. He declined to comment for FBDC on the record.

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