When C-SPAN’s Online Feed Was Replaced by RT

Of all the networks in all the world to interrupt C-SPAN's feed.

For about 10 curious minutes, C-SPAN’s online feed of the business of the House of Representatives was interrupted, replaced by a broadcast of the Russian government-funded, English-language RT.

Deadspin’s Timothy Burke captured the moment and the jarring dissonance of watching Rep. Maxine Waters interrupted right after she said the phrase “literally obliterate” by a twee tune playing as a tweet about San Escobar floated across the screen behind doge-like onscreen text that read “good climate/perfect holidays,” all with RT’s lime-green logo in the bottom left. That gave way to a report by an RT correspondent, all still happening on what should have been a C-SPAN feed of Congress.

C-SPAN issued a statement confirming the feed was interrupted by RT. It attributed the suspected cause of the interruption to an “internal routing issue,” stating that RT was “one of the networks we regularly monitor.”

A spokesperson for C-SPAN told us there was currently no new information since the issuing of its statement.

According to a Times report, this was an unprecedented interruption.