When I’m Wrong, I’m Really Wrong: CNN Mobile Paid App Hits #1 on iTunes

Boy, when I am wrong, I am really really wrong. A few days ago, I wrote…

CNN Bucks the iPhone Free News App Trend by Charging $1.99 – Gets Slapped with 12+ Rating for Nudity, Drugs & Violence

My openning sentence was: It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between foolhardiness and marketing genius.

And, my closing paragraph read: Will CNN create an iPhone app paradigm shift by charging $1.99 for its apparently risque content? I suspect not. My guess is people will continue to view their nicely designed free website and continue to use the various free iPhone news apps already available.

Well, it looks like the folks behind CNN Mobile are in the marketing genius category because the app is now #1 in the iTunes overall paid apps list.

Kudos to the team behind the app. You guys hit it right on the money (literally).

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