When On An Interview, Leave The Bling At Home

Another sad-but-true piece of advice for jobseekers.
Apparently some jobseekers have damaged their chances for a job by wearing a big engagement ring, which some hiring managers and recruiters say could send the signal that “this person doesn’t need the job.”

In another instance, HuffPo writer Katherine Bindley says, a woman returning from maternity leave asked for a raise and was turned down because of the size of her engagement ring. (She’s now suing.)

“It’s obviously unfair,” Bindley says. “No one would ever ask a man how many carats the diamond ring he bought his wife is to determine what kind of job or salary he deserves — but the [evidence suggests] that it happens.”

We don’t have much more to add. If you’re judging applicants based on whether you decide they “need” the job or not, you’re already not doing a very good job at hiring. Because the flip side of the “this person doesn’t need the job” coin is “this person is completely desperate.” That doesn’t make them a good hire.

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