When Social Networkers Mention This Fast Food Chain, 80% Say They Like It

Who takes the title of America’s social media fast food giant? The answer might surprise you.

Who takes the title of America’s social media fast food giant? The answer might surprise you.

Amplicate, a website that analyzes opinions from social media users, has released a new report focussing on the fast food industry in America. According to their website, Amplicate “collate[s] your opinions along with those of millions of other social media users to provide a collective voice for people with strong opinions. Amplicate currently tracks: 139, 805,035 opinions, 28,749,412 users, and 328, 338 topics.”

The new report titles “Public Opinion on Fast Food Chains in US on Social Media” reveals several interesting findings regarding Americans, fast food and social media. According to the report, social media users were more positive than negative when it came to posting about fast food chains during the last year. The report suggests that 70% of opinions posted on social media about fast food chains were positive. This is significant when one considers a number of negative headlines concerning the fast food industry in the last 12 months.

According to the report,  “Social media users posted 214,030 opinions about fast food chains in the US on social media in the last 12 months; They have been shared with their friends and colleagues approximately 113,057,621 times.”

So, who fared best? Last year, Taco Bell was the most popular chain, but the taco-maker dropped out of the top spot this year.  According to the report, Subway was the most loved fast food chain; a staggering 83% of social media users tallied released positive comments for the chain. Popeye’s was a close second, receiving 79% positive interactions on social media in the last 12 months.

What chain did social media users communicate most negatively about in the last 12 months? That would be Burger King. A mere 47% of comments in the social media sphere were positive during the last year. However, Burger King isn’t alone; generally speaking, burger chains all took a hit this year, including McDonalds and Wendy’s.

But really, everyone in the fast food industry comes out a winner; while fast food chains may not always have the best reputation in terms of health and wellness, it doesn’t seem to be impacting their rapport with social media users.

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