When You Get To The Fourth Interview…It’s Time To Stop, Please

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According to a new survey of more than 2,000 people, sixty percent of jobseekers will go to three or more interviews with one employer before getting an offer. Older workers and women fare even worse.

Punk Rock HR girl Laurie Ruettimann says this has to stop.

“I believe,” she writes, “that if it takes you three or more interviews before you make a hiring decision, your methodology is flawed or your candidate pool is off. Either way, interviewing a candidate more than three times is not the answer — and it’s not respectful of the candidate’s time.”

Well, true that. These grueling week-long interviews (or at least they feel like a week), tryouts, and other ways of companies getting to try before they buy are just exhausting. And one more thing: If you end up going to three separate interviews because the hiring manager, his boss and her boss all want to meet you but they can’t all agree on being in the same room at the same time, maybe this company’s a little disorganized and not one you want to work for.

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