Where Are All the Cool DIY LEGO iPad Stands?

I still think my iPad is great. But, it does present some logistical issues. Where, for example, do I have enough room to have it nearby when using a small desk with other things (like an iMac with dual displays) on it? Even when working on a larger desk with clear space, it seems like a waste of space to leave the iPad flat when it isn’t in use. There are a number of inexpensive DIY (Do It Yourself) iPad stands available to emulate. But, as an old LEGO fan, I was very interested to learn about a LEGO iPad stand built by Edgar Gonzalez and featured in the Make Blog (see photo above and blog link below).

After seeing this I guessed there must be dozens or even hundreds of DIY LEGO iPad stands. However, a quick check only revealed one other design posted to the net (see photo immediately above and blog link below).

Corey’s (Corey Marion of the Icon Factory) posterous: Lego iPad stand

Surely there must be other iPad owning LEGO fans with other DIY stands out there. Send me a link to your blog or Flickr photo or post a link in the comment area below. Let other iPad owners know about your creative work.