Where Do TV Apps Go From Here?

Ever since the Apple iPhone changed the game in regards to mobile apps, television networks have been trying to find ways to monetize the app experience.

Advertising Age‘s Kunur Patel discusses the current state of apps on the iPhone, iPad and elsewhere, and finds that while there have been some bright spots, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

“We’re not quiet there yet from an advertising perspective,” said Chris Allen, VP-director of video innovations, Starcom USA. “But we do have clients that are interested in exploring mobile as part of cross-platform programs.”

Patel also talks about “co-viewing” apps, or apps that are meant to be used while watching television. For example, the NBA has a playoff basketball iPad app that provides statistical overlays and information based on what is happening during the game.

But with no significant brand participation in social TV to date, advertisers will need a bit of hand holding to dive into co-viewing apps.

“The concept of social TV is not new,” said one Starling beta tester, David Rosenberg, director-emerging media, JWT. “But the mechanisms are. It’s our job to help [advertisers] understand there’s an engaged audience in these new places. Getting into social environments can help a brand get quickly discussed in the context of the entertainment itself.”

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