Where in the World is Michelle Fields?

Since departing The Daily Caller, Michelle Fields has kept a low profile. You can still catch her on TV every now and then, but she has focused her efforts into her own website, www.MichelleFields.com. It’s a shame, because we miss the fan art that people would send her, like the one on the right. Fields attempts to carry on her great tradition of reporting and was eager to weigh in on the recent union battle in the state of Michigan. Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was punched in the face by a man at a protest. Michelle knows a thing or two about these kind of altercations. She rose to prominence after being knocked to the ground by a police officer during Occupy protests in NYC.

Crowder has come under a bit of scrutiny in recent days. Gawker brought up the idea that maybe Crowder deserved the beatdown he received. Fields calls the story “atrocious” and says that the author, Max Read, is a “terrible human being.” She takes Read to task because he accuses Crowder of “inserting himself in the situation.”

Maybe Fields should have read her own work before commenting on the story further, because she may not disagree with Read as much as she thinks.

Buzzfeed’s Rosie Gray gathered up some reporters known for stirring up shit at these types of protests. At the top of her list is….  Michelle Fields, who seems to contradict her OWN reporting with her quotes she gives to Buzzfeed. Gray writes,

“Going to liberal rallies and confronting people is a delicate situation,” Fields said. “It’s important not to taunt because you’re just putting yourself at risk.” Fields said she generally got good material simply by letting the demonstrators speak for themselves. “It’s important not to instigate the person you’re interviewing,” she said. “You don’t have to make them look stupid. I never went in trying to make them feel stupid. What I usually do is try to make them feel comfortable and gain their trust.”

Of course, that’s exactly what Crowder did at the Michigan protests. So, which is it Michelle? If the Gawker writer is such a “terrible human being” for saying that Crowder inserted himself in the situation, what does that make you?



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