Where Is The Love? An Interactive 3D Stream of Tweets

Do you tweet to spread love and happiness, or to vent? One agency believes that love will conquer all on Twitter, and they created a real-time, interactive, 3D map of the world containing tweets that mention the words “love” or “hate” to prove it.

To make the map, Imperial Leisure geo-tagged and color-coded tweets from around the world. The countries were prioritized by the volume of tweets coming from that location, which means that not all countries are included.  When users click on a country, a tree appears.  The size, color, and number of leaves are influenced by variables like the length of the tweets, the time the tweets were posted, and whether the tweets mention love or hate.  The blue leaves represent the tweets that mention hate, while the red leaves show the love. When you scroll over the leaves, the actual tweet appears at the bottom of the screen.

The messages aren’t always about love for other people. “I hate fish, but I love sushi,” wrote one Twitter user in the U.S.  But many of them are. Wrote another user, “Age does not protect you from love, but love, to some extent, protects you from age.”

Looking at the number of blue leaves, the most hateful countries appear to be the United States and the United Kingdom, which is unsurprising given their love for snark. There were many complaints about Valentine’s Day, which for some people reminds them of their singleness. (Really, it should remind them about how much they love candy.)

But the countries with the most love (shown in red leaves) to share seem to be Chile and Indonesia. Today the Chileans are quoting the poetry of Pablo Neruda and professing their love for Justin Bieber. In Indonesia, people are cutting to the chase and just professing their love for each other. In every country shown on the map, there are a greater number of red leaves than blue.

Maybe love does conquer all.

Image by Imperial Leisure.

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