Where the Wild Things Are Is a Hit — On Facebook — and in Top 20 Growing Pages

For some reason, beloved and deceased singer-songwriter Johnny Cash‘s Facebook page gained the most new fans this past week. After at least of month of not growing, it gained around 482,000 in the last couple of days to reach 1.05 million total fans. Perhaps Facebook has just added in some unofficial Johnny Cash pages to give it a boost — something the company often does for official brands.

At number two on this week’s list of the pages that gained the most new fans: Big Prize Giveaways. This page appears to be what it sounds like, which is some sort of prize-giving company. From the page’s self-description: “Big Prize Giveaways, LLC exists to manage exciting promotions on behalf of a handful of promotional partners.” Sure, the internet is full of scammy sites that purport to offer prizes, but this page is legitimate — it even has the Facebook-given vanity URL “http://www.facebook.com/BigPrize.”

So while Johnny Cash and Big Prize are at number one and number two on the list, we’re actually going to have to give another page the title of “most interesting growth.”

Top Gainers This Week
Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Johnny Cash 1,049,142 +482,212 +85.06
2. Big Prize Giveaways 1,246,112 +425,591 +51.87
3. Where the Wild Things Are 1,742,078 +375,518 +27.48
4. Hamish & Andy 554,490 +269,909 +94.84
5. Vespa Official 210,236 +175,561 +506.30
6. Official CHUCK Page 186,831 +174,151 +1,373.43
7. Slash 1,107,555 +169,733 +18.10
8. 2012 232,700 +168,846 +264.43
9. Mafia Wars 4,748,505 +104,343 +2.25
10. Cheryl Cole 629,689 +101,736 +19.27
11. Halloween 462,072 +88,432 +23.67
12. Zach Braff 261,467 +88,243 +50.94
13. Slurpee 1,074,996 +83,613 +8.43
14. The Breast Cancer Site 535,747 +79,748 +17.49
15. The Bible 840,191 +74,654 +9.75
16. Owl City 287,790 +72,569 +33.72
17. Linkin Park 3,347,335 +70,508 +2.15
18. Texas Hold’em Poker 3,399,235 +70,378 +2.11
19. Facebook 5,449,148 +64,590 +1.20
20. Justin Bieber 788,303 +62,451 +8.60

Where the Wild Things Are hit theaters last Friday, after weeks of television and web advertising, news coverage — and a growing Facebook page. The children’s-book-turned-movie made our list the last couple weeks, and perhaps showing how successful it was on opening weekend, its page has continued to grow. It came in at number one at the box office over the weekend, brought in $32.5 million, and has by many accounts become a cult classic with young adults.

In fact, anecdotal reports we’ve heard include college kids dressing up as the movie’s make-believe monsters, attending the movie, then howling when it was over. The fan page includes a custom-built app where you can insert your profile picture in a cutout-style photo of the film’s star, Max. Maybe the app helped inspire the movie-goers costumes?

The page has continued gaining tens of thousands of fans over the weekend, after an especially massive surge last week. In total, it grew 376,000 to reach 1.74 million fans. We’re very interested to see how well it does this coming week.

In looking at the other pages on this list, the most interesting tend to show consistent growth over a period of days — not just the spikes like what Johnny Cash had. Consistent growth more likely means organic popularity among Facebook users. Keep your eye on 2012, a forthcoming movie about the supposed end of the world: It grew by 169,000, more than doubling its previous size to reach 233,000 fans.

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