Where's Facebook's Event RSVP Widget?

Facebook has a whole suite of widgets (and social plugins) that bring social functionality across the web, but one major feature that they are missing is an event RSVP widget. Event promoters around the world want a frictionless way of converting site visitors into event attendees, not just fans of their Facebook Page.

While we have not heard anything about Facebook releasing such a product, we think something like this would have immense value for any event promoter. One of the greatest challenges of running an event is promoting it effectively and by providing a simple widget where users could RSVP, event planners could quickly attract attendees on their own site as well as through partnerships.

While there are a million things that I’d like to see Facebook produce, this ranks up there pretty high. Would you find an event RSVP product to be valuable? What other products do you think would add immense value?

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