Which Brands Create the Most Contagious Content on Social?

The Contagious Index enables companies to use insights from brands that are successful on social to analyse and refine their digital content.

As a marketer, producing consistent viral content, is a sort of holy grail that many strive for. However, creating viral content is complex and often expensive.

So instead of chasing a dream, it may be better to apply real insights in your content creation. To that end, digital marketing agency DigitasLBi and author Jonah Berger teamed up to create a “Contagious Index.”

The contagious index is a metric that focuses solely on person-to-person sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

The purpose of the index is to show companies how to create social interactions consistently through the production of targeted, sharable content.


Berger, author of the bestseller Contagious: Why Things Catch On, said in a release:

The Contagious Index helps companies understand how to win in social. Why do some brands get more shares than others and what types of content are more effective? Rather than hoping or guessing about what’s working, companies can engineer success. … Comparing content on a granular level enables marketers and brands to analyze social content with unprecedented detail.

The analytical method behind the index is intended to provide marketers with a map that enables them to analyze their strategies as compared to the most successful companies, and create new strategies that deliver consistent results for their campaigns.


The index itself highlights the most contagious brands on Facebook and Twitter, based on their high scores. For example, Taco Bell was the best performing quick serve restaurant on Twitter, due in no small part for the Internet’s love of the Taco Bell Twitter account.

Highly shareable content that tugs on the heartstrings can also lend a high contagion score, as seen on Facebook with the Humans of New York series receiving the top marks in the arts and humanities category.

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