Which Mobile Platform Interests Developers Less? BlackBerry or Windows Phone?

The main focus of Appcelerator/IDC’s developer report is, of course, Android and iOS (Apple).

Android Momentum Plateaus, Says New Developer Report (ReadWriteWeb)

If the survey data reflects reality, it is not a surprise that developer interest in Android is plateauing. The main issue looks like Android fragmentation (different versions of the operating system).

My main interesting, however, is what RRW calls “the second tier” of third and fourth place. Developer interest dropped for both RIM’s BlackBerry as well as Microsoft’s Windows Phone. However, interest in developing for BlackBerry devices dropped even faster than interest in Windows Phone. The result is that developer interest in mobile platforms now looks like this:

1. iOS (iPhone/iPad)
2. Android (phone/tablet)
3. Windows Phone
4. RIM BlackBerry

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