Which Team Leads The Twitter Pre-Super Bowl Buzz? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sports fans flock to Twitter to discuss their big game in real-time. And there aren’t too many games bigger than the Super Bowl.

This weekend, millions of football fans are going to be tweeting as fast as their favorite players sprint and weave down the field. And we’ve got the pre-Super Bowl Twitter buzz here just for you. So whether you’re rooting for the Giants or the Patriots, you’ll want to take a look at how Twitter’s gearing up for the first play.

Banyan Branch, a social media agency, collected tweets between December 30 and January 29 to see which team scored in 140 characters.

So which team has the most spirited fans on Twitter?

The Giants saw the most conversation overall, with just under 3.5 million tweets in the month of January. However, the Patriots, while only seeing about 1.6 million tweets, had more conversation revolving around specific players.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, quarterbacks received the most attention on Twitter. The Patriots’ Tom Brady received just under 700,000 tweets in January, most of which were football related (but some were about his personal life), and the Giants’ Eli Manning got over 350,00 tweets.

Plus, if you take a look at the infographic below, you can see that Brady leading Manning in tweets matches his leading Manning in average yards per game as well.

For the rest of the Twitter buzz surrounding the pre-Super Bowl, take a look at Banyan Branch’s infographic below (Click to enlarge):

(Top image: David Lee via Shutterstock)