Whistle: A Fitbit for Tracking Your Dog

Walk around San Francisco or Paris on a sunny day, you’ll notice, quite soon, that’s there’s a lot of dog poop traps littering the sidewalk. These cities love their pets, especially the dog variety.  Attached to each dog is the animal’s human, a smartphone carrying member of the technologically advanced specie. We’re now seeing that technology trickle down to animals as well.

Humans, for all of their ability to observe and handle their own toiletries have taken a liking to fitness tracking gadgets – they track, they measure, and they tell data to improve the well-being of their user. “Why not for our four legged pals too?” said the makers of Whistle.

Pets, especially dogs are particularly hard to communicate with when using normal human communication devices, like our eyes, ears, and mouth. Yes, we can tell when they want to go outside or need a snack (always), but we can’t actually tell when  they are on the verge of being deathly ill or have spent too many hours lazing about. A fitness tracker like Whistle can help dogs and perhaps even cats, tell their owners about their vital stats – a guilt-eliminating feat for those dog-lovers who spend too much time at the office. Coupled with a petcam, pets and their respective humans can embrace the rough lifestyle of office labor. Who knows, maybe one day, we will be able to talk to our dogs. They certainly have been saying things:

Where to buy:

Priced at $129.95, the Whistle Activity Monitor will be available in PetSmart stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as online. There are no additional service fees or subscriptions for the device or companion application.