Washington Post Columnist Trips Over Whitney Houston Casket Photos Controversy

To the Washinton Post‘s credit, a correction framing yesterday evening’s Erik Wemple column “National Enquirer Has Done Far Worse” appears at the very top of the page. This ensures that readers will actually see the correction, and amounts to about as full an ownership of an online mistake as is possible.

Now the bad news; we’re talking about a massively embarrassing flub. Wemple’s piece hinged on the idea that the privacy-outcry over the Enquirer cover photo of Whitney-in-repose is somewhat moot because hundreds of people attended the pop singer’s funeral. The only problem? That’s not when-where the photo(s) was taken:


The photos that leaked to the Enquirer came from a funeral-home viewing of Whitney Houston that was apparently restricted to a smaller circle than was the funeral. That consideration changes completely the privacy expectations outlined below. My most sincere apologies to all.

Wemple was alerted about the mistake both on Twitter and in the article comments by readers KT19 and ajackmoore. Another reader, richardrussey, suggested that a more fitting place for Wemple might actually be the Enquirer or TMZ. Ouch.

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